Core Deliverables

Interim commercial management

We provide highly operational and hands-on management in a number of critical roles for your business. Sales, marketing, operations, product management and finance are all areas where we can provide an important edge to your organisation. We expect to work against KPIs to achieve key milestones and can provide you with the leadership to make a difference. You may well have created a decent business plan but without the ability to execute that plan it becomes just another weighty tome gathering dust in your bottom drawer. For example we can help you review, (re)set and implement the commercial strategy including:

A little help with the numbers

The success of any organisation relies on its ability to turn product development into sales revenues. We have a huge depth of experience of the sales process from creating demand to the signed order. We focus on providing value to our customers by delivering sales models and processes that work for you not against you. Account planning, effective sales processes and business development against KPIs are an essential part of the deliverables which we will provide to your business on an interim basis whilst ensuring that a suitable infrastructure is permanently installed.

Providing a route to funding and investment

Access to capital is critical to your business and without it your ability to scale the business may be severely hampered reducing the opportunity to ‘go for it in any major way. Relying on organic growth to fund your expansion can be a long and drawn out process which potentially could mean that you miss that window of opportunity. Raising funds, whilst never an easy task, can be achieved through a number of sources with the correct application of a good proposition and a sound plan. There are a number of funding sources, both debt and equity based, that we can bring to the table from the traditional high net worth groups and angel investors to VCTs and Institutional investment.

Exit strategy and execution

Should I sell, IPO or just keep going? Quantifying and executing your exit plan is the most difficult challenge that you, as a business owner, will ever encounter. The decisions surrounding these issues will determine what will become of the organisation to which you and your fellow founders have devoted blood, sweat and tears. Complex decisions such as ‘how is the business to be valued?’, ‘when should I sell?’ or ‘should we IPO’ are among those that you are often least prepared for and may only happen once in a lifetime. We have significant knowledge to help you plan and complete this exercise and can provide you with the practical help and assistance to make it happen.