Helping companies navigate the commercial landscape

We provide a number of key services to early stage companies delivering the fundamental building blocks for growth, expansion and ultimately exit. With an abundance of time, resource and capital together with a decent plan and a competent management team many businesses will have a better than average chance of success. However, the real world does not often allow us the luxury of having all these elements at our disposal at the same time. Many great business plans have failed in the early days because the ability to execute has been stifled by the lack of basic resource.

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Accessing and applying the right resources

Access to capital is critical to your business, whether your own or somebody else’s. Equally as important is the ability to procure sufficient resources to apply enough operational and executive direction to give you a good chance of success. These resources need to cover all your commercial requirements – including funding and finance, sales and marketing, operations and of course your ultimate exit. They can be delivered by an individual or a team of professionals depending on your requirements (and of course budget) – but it is essential to get the right management team to help you execute and deliver your plan.

Investors, partners and customers alike will measure you by the strength of your management team and it is vital that you can demonstrate that you have a good one. Venture Pilot provide business owners of early stage technology businesses with advice, guidance and operational direction to help them negotiate the vagaries of the commercial landscape.

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